In Garfield county there are 9 public school systems and 6 private schools. 

The private schools consist of Oklahoma Bible Academy for grades 7-12 and for pre-kindergarten through 10th grade you have the choice of Cimarron Montessori, Emmanuel Christian, Hillsdale Christian, St. Joes Catholic and St. Paul's Lutheran.

Of the public schools systems, there are two that service the area primarily within the Enid city limits.

Enid has 1 high school, 3 junior highs, Emerson, Longfellow and Waller and 11 elementary schools, Adams, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Garfield, Glenwood, Hayes, Hoover, McKinley, Monroe, Prairie View and Taft.

Chisholm has two locations, the elementary school is located in North Enid and the junior high and high school are on a separate campus on the north edge of town. 

The other schools are for the smaller communities serving Garfield county are Lahoma (Cimarron), Drummond, Waukomis, Covington-Douglas, Garber, Kremlin-Hillsdale, and Pioneer-Pleasant Vale.